With over 6 Years of experience, in deploying and supporting web based solutions for various clients around the globe, we have developed a high standard when it comes to digital technologies.


Websites, Online Communities, eCommerce
We build responsive websites which adapts to display sizes thereby making it easier for mobile users to reach you conveniently. Our websites have got every feature you will ever need.


Whether it is for a church, hotel, saloon or even a personal website, there are easy modules to manage: News, Events, community (forums, chat integration etc), Membership (even paid memberships), Contact forms, Blogs, Maps, stores (a simple e-book store-bookshop, a digital store for software, tutorial resources etc. Or a complete eCommerce solution for selling your physical goods online), Resource Download Section, Live Streaming Utilities, Donate Button (If it's a non-profit organization), Email and SMS (for marketing and newsletters), Social Media Integration (for managing your social profiles easily) and many more.



Note: Our websites also comes with a free SSL certificate that ensures all your transactions with your users are completely encrypted for full security. We also tend to add a community to eCommerce platforms to enable visitors interact easily
because the longer visitors spend on your platforms, the more they are likely going to buy your products.
Bonus: Free publicity from us. That is, after building your website, we automatically place your logo with a link to your website directly on my partner community which attracts millions of visitors.
We also offer free hosting, website management and website administration for every new project we handle because we care the futures of every website we build.

 Our platforms are totally user friendly which can easily be operated by anyone who can read. It comes with one month free maintenance from us, fully functional tools that guarantee the safety of your records and a 24-hour customers services!


Social Media Management, Digital Marketing

Who else is better for managing your website and social media pages other than the people who do it on daily basis and actually love doing it? Running digital platforms is what we do and we have grown good at it that our team is readily available online 24/7 to maintain and update these platforms on the go. Just tell us how you want it done. Give us your target and we will get it done.



We literally spend hours online on various platforms everyday and we can easily get you to the right audience. We can take your products to those who need it most - paying customers. Let us do the scrubbing of the net for you while you reap the reward. If weren't good at our job, how then did you hear about us?

Mobile Applications, Live Streaming

Running a church, an event or a news website without the live streaming feature on your website could be costing you more than you think. Most people who love to attend your event but might not be able to, due to distance (people far across other continents), health, weather or just laziness. With the live streaming feature, you gain more viewers/audience all over the world which means more fans, more customers and more profits (and you can monetize the views too!).



Do you want to leverage on the large mobile market by launching a mobile app for mobile users? We are the right guys for you. We can code you an andriod, iOS, Blackberry, windows or even a web application. At your request, we have guys ready to write in the various programming languages.



We love coding. Yes, we do! And that's how we've cultivated the habit of writing clean unique codes that makes it impossible for hackers to pry in. Our codes are not only to protect your data but also comes with a great interface for both admins and your users. We don't just stop there. We are always researching various ways to improve these codes.


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