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Below are the list of the services we offer. We have succeeded in recording a full 100% satisfaction from our clients and we will like to make you happy too.






  • Business/Identity Branding

    Are you ready to be recognized as a brand in your industry? Doing the polishing is what we do best.

  • CCTV Installation

    Yes, we have the right team when it comes to installing and managing your security cameras.

  • Web Design/Development

    We build responsive websites or any kind of portal. Including membership based communities.

  • Live Streaming Tools

    With our cutting-edge live streaming technologies, you can now broadcast through your website.

  • Office Workstation Setup

    We are ready to setup your workstation from fixing up your computers to a complete network setup.

  • Fire Alarm Installation

    We will keep you and your business safe from fire outbreak through our quality smoke detectors.

  • eCommerce Solutions

    We are trusted in setting up world class eCommerce platforms with complete internet security.

  • Digital Marketing Resources

    We have an outstanding track record in taking businesses to their customers through the internet.

  • Hardware troubleshooting

    Is your hardware (especially computers) now malfunctioning? Well, don't panic, just call LatiCodes.

  • Animated Video Creation

    Animated promotional videos are know for generating more sales. Let us get one for you today.

  • Mobile App Development

    We have the right tools when it comes to taking your business to the large mobile community.

  • Social Media Management

    Our team of professionals are ready to manage your websites, apps or social media pages 24/7.

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        Limited Bonus offer

        *  Unlimited free publicity from us. That is, after building your website, we automatically place your logo with a link to your website directly on my partner community which attracts thousands of visitors.


        * Your website will also come with a free SSL certificate that ensures all your transactions with your users are completely encrypted for full security.

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